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Pictures & information about
the Synchro-Link Truck
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Testing 1,2,3

Must have a payload platform on the truck in order to haul anything.

Tools will slide back when loading because of the amount of tilt needed to load.

fire department fan truck

(Better have everything bolted down alright.)

No over the cab lumber or ladder racks allowed.

A pass through window to a camper or payload bed is not compatible, because the jib is in the way.

When in motion, the hooklift lacks the stability a conventional roll off system has.

Hook-lifts are just plane ugly.

hook lift system

Most Hook-lift designs have a sliding jib, (above) that will allow for more variations in payload platforms, but when the payload is loaded and being driving down bumpy roads, the hydraulic cylinder is stored in the extended position, which is not go for the cylinder bushings and seals and if around corrosive environments such as salt air, the cylinder piston is subject to corrosion - shortening the longevity.

Some Hook-lift designs have a bending jib instead of a sliding one. But the problem with them is they are more likely to smash up the top of the box you are trying to pick up. See Fig. 4 below

Both types, you can't see the hook engage because the arm is in the way.
With a Synchro-link, the operator can line up the hook by viewing it through the review mirror.

mg4.gifSteller hook lift patent drawings


Steven Spielberg in jail

Another Sicko
Steven Spielberg in jail

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
     Spielberg had the inventor Dennis Sattler's family killed and he tried to clone the person of history 8 times and only got wild animals.

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
      While Spielberg was incarcerated, President Obama took on his dirty work at killing the rest of the people who knew the inventor of the Synchro-link.
     I'm left wondering if he was involved in the criminal activity received from government officials in San Luis Obispo County as well as Oceanside in San Diego County. I'm sure he was adding problems to Sattler's life anyway he could.

Guess what Craps?
@ MyStupidRules.com

An analogy about how the inventor of the Synchro-link was set-up by Congresswoman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Louis Capps

Making millions from the defense contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
More info to the story at:


"Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present
are certain to miss the future."
                            -- John F. Kennedy

Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wake surfing yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wake Surfing Trend,
they know what works.


patent drawing of hooklift truck system

The Hook-Lift

Synchro-link mini roll off truck sloping back

This web-site created by
Synchro-link Inventor
Dennis James Sattler

Introducing the HookLiftTrucks.com
This web-site is for those who are interested in finding a quick change payload system for a short wheelbase truck.

If all you need to transport is rubbish, the hook-lift truck may just be the quick change payload system for you, but you should be aware of its limitations before you gear up and then discover that you've just invested in and obsolete technology.

The purpose of this web-site is to inform you of the disadvantages of the Hook-lift system because the limitations and faulty design issues are numerous.

You just can't beat a Synchro-link .

Compare at
The Other Systems


Technically speaking


Hook-lift Trailers


Patents Drawing

hook lift truck loading

HookLifts have a predetermined ark that doesn't allow control of the tilt involved to load and unload what they refer to as platforms.

Tools will slide, paint will spill and everything would land on your toes when you open the tailgate.
I happen to think the differences are substantial.

The only way to get the payload to tilt less with a hooklift is by going to extreme lengths in the payload platform.

Synchro-link requires less tip when loading than a Hooklift

This synchro-link system would load with less tilt if it had round fenders, but I happen to think they are handy for a work bench.

synchro-link loading box at low angle

Top drawing show how the boom will hit a lumber rack
or overhead camper.

No Over the cab campers or lumber racks on a Hook-lift


Just try tilting your tool box this much and find out what kind of mess you have.

Hook lift truck drawings

Check out this video of a Steller style hooklift at 23 seconds into it when the hook slips - damn scarry.
   Then at 1:17, if unloaded into a hole or up hill, the folding boom would crush the front of the container and very well slip off.
    Then at 1:50 if the guy was tired like I get and didn't line up the rear rollers with the rails, the rollers could slip in between the rails and rip out a few cross members along with the floor.


synchro-link truck with narrow bed


No over the cab camper or lumber racks can be use on a Hook-lift



HookLiftTrucks can not pick up beds like this one because the ladders would get in the way.

You just can't beat a Synchro-link .

synchro-link bed on ground

bareback wood hauling

A Synchro-link can save weight by not using a payload platform at all.

Try hauling a bulk of plywood on a naked hook-lift'

Yeah, you would be dreaming.

Bottom Line: Synchro-link just looks
better than a

synchro-link payload bed on ground

Compare other conventional
roll-off systems to the
Synchro-link system.

The Others
@ Synchro-link.com

Helpful Hints
@ Synchro-Link.com

Kind of funny having a web-site to inform people about how screwed up a hook-lift is,
but somebody has to do it, because we wouldn't want you to create an inventory that is just plain inferior from the start..    --The Synchro-link is just so-- much better.

If you want to take a peek at my latest website,
while it's still under construction,
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