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Some Hook-lift designs have a bending arm instead of a sliding one. But the problem with them is they are more likely to smash up the top of the box you are trying to pick up. See Fig. 4 below

Both types, you can't see the hook engage because the arm is in the way.
With a Synchro-link, the operator can line up the hook by viewing it through the review mirror.


Must have a payload platform on in order to haul anything.

Tools will slide back when loading because of the amount of tilt needed to load.


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"Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present
are certain to miss the future."
                            -- John F. Kennedy






The Hook-lift Trailer

(is even worse)

This new page points out that hook-lift trailers have even more problems with their designs.

The problem is just trying to operate them and the first video I've provided starts right off by editing out the part where the vehicle either has to move forward or the back wheels of the container will dig trenches in the ground.
That is unless you can see well enough to know just how much you need to pull the tractor forward and when.

Dennis Sattler

The most significant flaw in this video is that they don't show the operator trying to line up the hook to the container. However: when they do show it hooking up, I'm sure that they had just pulled forward a bit after unloading the container and backed right back up to it while the whole rig is still in a straight line. You can bet on that.
Stop back by for more info later.

A Synchro-link can save weight by not using a payload platform at all.

Try hauling a bulk of plywood on a naked hook-lift'

Yeah, you would be dreaming.

Bottom Line: Synchro-link looks
better than a

Kind of funny having a web-site to inform people about how screwed up a hook-lift trailer is, but somebody has to do it;and I have no problem doing it.
A Synchro-link is just that much better.

The real funny thing about it is that people are actually buying the obsolete pieces of junk.





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